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Christian Educational Materials

To help you grow in your faith


Luminous Glory is the website we use to publish all our instructional resources. Please visit that site to download free articles, eBooks and online courses designed to help you more clearly see the glory of God—so that you more effectively mature in your faith in Jesus.

The categories of Christian instructional materials we’re creating and publishing on are shown below.

Free Bible Courses
Check out our FREE online Bible courses available for our members. Which course would you like to take next?
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Free eBook Downloads
Check out our free eBooks available exclusively for our members. Which book would you like to read next?
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Published Bible Articles
Check out articles and blog posts about a variety of important Christian topics. Which would you like to read next?
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Bible Study Ideas
Check out our list of potential courses, books and articles. Which idea can use use for your next serious Bible study?
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Writing Projects Roadmap

We’ve also mapped out a priority list for a significant number of writing projects we’re currently working on or wanting to produce.

Please take a look at this list, because we’d love to get feedback from our members on which of these potential projects are of special interest to you.

We’ll be happy to modify the priorities of our list based on your feedback—so we can be more effective in helping our members mature in their faith.

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