• Andrea, white shirt, studio shoot
  • Henny, secluded rice field setting
  • Jessy, window lighting
  • Nene in a bamboo grove
  • Pixie, night shoot with single bounced light source
  • Sita, night shoot, single bounced light source
  • Tri, night shoot with single bounce light source
  • Vita, late afternoon rice field
  • Vita, late afternoon rice field

About Rick Carmichael

Biography & Experience

In 2007—after working for Apple Computer in California for 10 years—Rick Carmichael left the US, moved to Bali Indonesia, and founded LuxViz to provide professional photography and imaging services for individuals who truly appreciate indulgent travel.

Wanda Andayani - Rick's Balinese wife - assists in all photo shoot sessions as well as in the post-session image editing.